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Have you ever felt like you were working “for nothing” while working remotely? Well, this is a very common feeling in remote work, but why?

It is really a matter of adaptation. When moving to the remote or hybrid, you gain immense freedom with more flexible schedules, less charges, more distractions, in short, several things change from nothing.

It turns out that many people can’t handle this routine in remote work and the habit to work efficiently, so here are some tips to organize the routine and keep productivity high.

Why is it important to have a settled routine?

A well-defined routine in remote work can be responsible for 50% of a person’s productivity and satisfaction. This happens due to some main factors, let’s see what are they:

Better productivity

A well-defined remote work routine helps you to complete daily tasks respecting the established deadline, without backlog. It also helps to working only when you should be working, better using your worked hours.

Raises satisfaction at work

By improving delivery and performance, we tend to feel happier and more satisfied with our work. The feeling of a task accomplished and a well done day of work brings even more motivation for the next day.

Prevent tasks from piling up

Keeping a routine also prevents too many tasks from piling up and ending up causing a snowball effect. Has this ever happened to you?

Left a little thing from Monday to Tuesday, one from Tuesday to Wednesday and when Friday comes you had to work four times more.

Keeping a routine makes it easier to complete tasks and finish the day satisfactorily, leaving everything ready for the next one.

Delimit work and rest hours

It is important to set working hours, even if your company is flexible. This helps divide your personal and professional time, delimiting working hours and setting a time limit for the tasks of the day.

Many people who work with flexible schedule or without a routine end up working much more than those who have a fixed schedule.

This happens because when tasks come, without a limit to finish or pause, they end up extending the day beyond what it should finish.

How to set a routine to work remotely

To avoid all this, it is important to correctly organize the routine and understand how to work in the best possible way in the remote model. Here are five tips to help you build a consistent routine.

Choose a workplace

The first thing you should do is choose a suitable place for work. If it is not possible to have another room in the house or a specific place, try to do your best to make the place of work “exclusive”.

This will ensure that when your work time arrives you can “go” somewhere.

Avoid distractions

It is also important to avoid that this place has too many distractions or that you get carried away by everyday things all the time. This will improve your productivity and focus at work.

After a while this discipline of working properly will become a habit, so distractions will no longer be a big problem, but until then, try to avoid them.

Use an app or website to control tasks

We don’t always remember everything we did the day before, what we have for the present day and what’s pending for the next one, so try to use some app, platform, website, or some record model of daily and weekly activities.

There are several platforms that can perform this task management, apps like Notion, Trello or Feito are worth knowing.

Set priorities

After these tasks have been defined and you already know everything that has to be done for the day, prioritize them.

That way you can choose where to spend your time first, so the most important tasks will always be accomplished and the secondary ones may or may not be left for the next day.

Limit your work time and follow it

As you have already seen, whether your work is flexible or not, it is always necessary to set a maximum time cut for work. This is how you avoid burnouts and unnecessary workloads.

Meet the schedules stipulated by you and always try to respect them even if some tasks are pending.

Leave them for the next day and always try to schedule yourself to finish the most important things first.




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